Everybody has a wish

Wishes of seriously ill children fulfilled by the Golden Fish.


The Story of the Golden Fish

Let us tell you the story of how the Golden Fish grants wishes of seriously ill children.

Whenever kids are ill, their parents do everything they can to get proper care for them. All of the focus is on medical care.

No wonder they have no more means or energy to spare for anything that is not really urgent!

The Golden Fish is there to help kids forget that they are ill and allow them to enjoy – together with their loved ones – moments of joy and happiness.

Because we all have wishes, don´t we...

Every child dreams of something else as there is no limit to a child´s fantasies.


Want to become an Indian or a race car driver?

Dream of exploring distant places?

Or maybe you simply want something?

It could be that you want to meet with someone you admire?

Or you wish to make someone else happy?

The Golden Fish grants one wish of any seriously ill child from 5 to 18 years.

We understand that having a healthy child is your greatest wish. Unfortunately, that does not fall within our powers. We do not raise money for families or children, and we cannot provide medical devices or aids.


Who helps the Golden Fish?

We commit to fulfil your wishes caringly, with dedication and compassion. Do not hesitate to contact our team.

The Golden Fish is financed by its founders.

Ondřej and Katarína Vlčkovi
Founders of The Golden Fish and members of the Board of Directors

Who helps to lead Golden Fish

Martina Břeňová
Irena Závadová
Member of the Board
Ivana Plechatá
Member of the Board

From the Life of Golden Fish

"Do you even realise, what you're doing? Do you know how much adrenaline and endorphins this boy just got thanks to you? Do you know how excited is he going to be for the next seven months and how he is going to talk about this with everyone? No IV fluids could ever recreate these kinds of positive feelings."

"It's a break, away from the hospital setting into a world of fantasies and adventures. That's how I see it from my point of view as a mother."

Golden Fish in the programme Klíč broadcasted by the Czech Television.
Play the video on the Czech Television website (Only in Czech)

More information is available in our annual yearbooks.

Special thanks

We thank all the supporters and those who helped in any way to fulfil the wishes of the children.